Oral Surgeon near Tysons Corner

Fee Estimates

Since every person is different, so are their needs. It is, therefore, very difficult to give a precise fee; however, we realize that some patients would like a "ballpark figure" to see if the procedure fits their budget. Please realize that depending the amount of aging and other factors, some procedures will range.

With promotional discounts, your fees may even be lower. We do feel that you should have some idea of what each procedure costs; unlike other offices which may quote you a low fee and then attach a bunch of other charges before you leave the clinic.

Brow & Forehead Lift
Blepharoplasty (upper or lower)
Cheek Implants
Face & Necklift
Chin Implant or Chin Advancement
Full Face Laser Resurfacing
Facial Laser Hair Removal
Full Face Chemical Peel
Mole Removal
Injectable Fillers
Otoplasty (Both Ears)
Upper or Lower Lip Reduction
Earlobe Reduction (per Ear)
Mandibular Angle Implants
Buccal Fat Pad Reduction
Surgical Lip Lift
Facial Liposuction
Keloid Removal
Fat Transfer
Full Rhinoplasty/Nose Surgery
Nasal Septoplasty
Nasal Dorsal Reduction
Implant Fee, if applicable
*all fees represent estimates and are subject to change.